Thursday, 22 January 2015

Toundra - Oro Rojo

Artist: Toundra
Track: Oro Rojo
Album: IV (2014)

Toundra is an instrumental post rock band from Madrid, Spain. To date they have released three studio albums. I (2008), II (2010), and III (2012) are all over on Bandcamp, with IV coming on 26th January.

Buy it on CD on Amazon, or the digital on iTunes. The band have a short UK Tour arranged for the middle of February, details here.

It appears the band are on Twitter @Toundra

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Earthmover - Two

Artist: Earthmover
Track: Two
Album: First Sighting (2012)

Earthmover is a 3-piece post rock instrumental band from Quezon City, Philippines.

Music is all available to download on Bandcamp, and here's their Facebook to stay updated.

@EarthmoverPH are on Twitter

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jardín de la Croix - Colorado Springs

Artist: Jardín de la Croix
Track: Colorado Springs
Album: 187 Steps to Cross the Universe (2013)

Jardín De La Croix is a Spanish progressive math rock band formed in 2007 in Madrid. The group finds itself at ease within its prominent and complex rhythmic structures and its layered harmonic guitars usually arranged in lengthy instrumental compositions.

To date Jardín de la Croix has released 3 albums, Pomeroy (2008), Ocean Cosmonauts (2011) and 187 Steps To Cross The Universe (2013). These are all available to download on Bandcamp, amazingly they are all free/name your price. If you want the CD, you can get it at Noma Records for €7 - please support these guys and throw some cash their way.

Twitter @jardindelacroix

Thursday, 11 September 2014

By The End Of Tonight - Potential Getaway Driver

Artist: By The End Of Tonight
Track: Potential Getaway Driver
Album: ...In A Letter To The Sandbox (2003)

By the End of Tonight (often abbreviated to BTEOT) was an American instrumental rock band from Alvin, Texas. They were signed to notable post-rock label Temporary Residence Limited for their life as a band.

By the End of Tonight formed in 2003 and have toured with the likes of Anathallo, Tera Melos, Sleeping People, Buxton, and O Pioneers. They were signed to Temporary Residence after sending their demo '...In a Letter to the Sandbox'. The band announced through a Myspace bulletin in early 2009 after almost a year of inactivity that they had disbanded.

You can stream/download their music on Bandcamp, or be a real man and buy physical over on Temporary Residence.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Precious Fathers - Prairie Train

Artist: Precious Fathers
Track: Prairie Train
Album: Precious Fathers (2005)

Precious Fathers was a Vancouver-based instrumental post-rock shoegazer ensemble, with members linked to other projects such as Destroyer, Loscil, Sparrow and The Battles. In their time together the band released 2 full length albums, in Precious Fathers (2005) and Alluvial Fan (2009) on Canadian label White Whale. Get the CD over at the label page, or digital via iTunes.

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