Thursday, 26 March 2015

Japancakes - Behind the Mountains

Artist: Japancakes
Track: Behind the Mountains
Album: Behind the Mountains (2009)

Japancakes is an American indie rock group based in Athens, GA.

Improvisational drone-pop orchestra Japancakes was the brainchild of Athens, GA-based musician Eric Berg, who in 1997 had the idea of organizing a group of ten musicians to take the stage without any previous rehearsals all for the sake of playing a single "D" chord for 45 minutes. Fascinated by the subtle changes and imperfections which textured the performance, Berg began mounting other experiments within a similar conceptual framework; although the onstage lineup often expanded to as many as a dozen instrumentalists, other constants included Nick Bielli, Todd Kelly, Heather McIntosh, John Neff, and Scott Sosebee.

The debut Japancakes album, If I Could See Dallas, followed on Kindercore in the autumn of 1999; an EP, Down the Elements, appeared in the spring, and the sophomore effort Sleepy Strange was issued in early 2001. Darla released Belmondo the following year, and Waking Hours arrived two years later on the Warm imprint. Japancakes switched back to Darla for their two 2007 albums, a cover of My Bloody Valentine's classic album Loveless and an album of original material, Giving Machines, which both arrived that fall
- Bio from All Music

Japancakes is on Twitter @japancakesmusic

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Plini - Atlas

Artist: Plini
Track: Atlas
Album: Atlas (2014) 

Plini is a 21 year old guitarist and composer from Sydney, Australia. He previously went under the name Halcyon, during which time he released Pastures EP. His music is available on Bigcartel, Soundcloud, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Say hello over on Facebook.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

You Break, You Buy

Artist: You Break, You Buy
Track: J Is For Genius
Album: Happy Happenstance (2014)

You Break, You Buy is a four-piece instrumental band with members from England, Ireland, Italy and Sweden.

They have to date released a 5 track EP in Happy Happenstance (2014) which you can stream on Spotify, or download digitally on Bandcamp. Or go old school and buy a CD for £5. Stay informed on Facebook. For fans of LITE, Enemies, Battles... etc.

They don't appear to Tweet.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Vessels - In Echo

Artist: Vessels
Track: Echo In
Album: Dilate (2015)

Vessels is an electronic band from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Formed in 2005 they have released two studio albums in White Fields and Open Devices (2008) and Helioscope (2011). In June 2011, Vessels headlined the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury Festival.

Vessels have announced new album Dilate, to be released March 2015. Get it, and their other releases over on their Bandcamp page.

So, @vesselsband are on Twitter

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Blackbird Cathedral - Psalm 2

Artist: Blackbird Cathedral
Track: Psalm 2
Album: Arise & Go (2012)

Blackbird Cathedral is a 5 piece instrumental band from Springfield, Missouri.

Formed in 2007 to date they have four releases for you in White Noise Wedding EP (2007), Early Migrations EP (2010), In The Eaves (2012) and Arise & Go (2012). Get their music streaming on Spotify, or buy it from throw a few £/$/€ on Bandcamp.

FFO TWDY, Eversham, Arbor Lights...

Blackbird Cathedral is on the Twitter @iwillarise