Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lowercase Noises - Famine and the Death of a Mother

Artist: Lowercase Noises
Track: Famine and the Death of a Mother
Album: This Is For Our Sins (2014)

Lowercase Noises is the musical brainchild of Andy Othling, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist from Albuquerque, NM. All programming and composition on Lowercase Noises’ albums are performed by Andy, with exception of the occasional guest musician or vocalist.

Lowercase Noises was birthed out of a small college dorm with very basic recording gear, a slew of effects pedals and an electric guitar. As Andy’s passion for and interest in the recording/mixing process bloomed, along with his talent for producing, songs and styles emerged that built the framework for what Lowercase Noises is today.

Lowercase Noises has an impressive body of work, all of which can be downloaded/bought over on Bandcamp. The latest offering, "This Is For Our Sins" is out on 30th April and you can pre-order now for digital and vinyl.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lymbyc Systym

Artist: Lymbyc Systym 
Track: Truth Skull 
Album: Love Your Abuser (2007)

Lymbyc Systym is an instrumental band from Tempe, Arizona which formed in 2001, consisting of brothers Jared and Michael Bell. Their sound combines elements of instrumental rock and electronic music. Lymbyc Systym have toured with Broken Social Scene, The Books, Crystal Castles, The Album Leaf, and This Will Destroy You.

The duo have released records with Mush Records, Magic Bullet Records, Hobbledehoy Record Co, Western Vinyl and & Records (Japan)

Get their music over on Bandcamp.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

CHON - Fluffy

Artist: CHON
Track: Knot
Album: Newborn Sun (2014)

CHON is an instrumental progressive rock band with jazz elements from Oceanside, California. The band have recently supported Animals as Leaders on tour with Navene K and After the Burial. CHON have released 2 EPs to date, Newborn Sun (2013) and Woohoo! (2014) which are available over on Bandcamp for $5, and all their music before then can be downloaded for free in this handy .zip file here.


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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Intervals - Epiphany

Artist: Intervals
Track: Epiphany
Album: In Time (2012)

Intervals are a progressive metal band hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band was purely instrumental until late 2013. Intervals is managed by Outerloop Management and have toured throughout Canada and the United States with bands such as Protest The Hero, Between The Buried and Me and The Contortionist. Intervals have released two EPs (both Name Your Price on Bandcamp click the links), The Space Between (2011) and In Time (2012).

**The band's first album with bassist Mike Semesky on vocals is entitled A Voice Within (2014). For fans of Cloudkicker, Scale the Summit, Animals as Leaders. Highly recommended here, not my typical but been hooked on these guys since the new one came out.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Jaga Jazzist - Oslo Skyline

Artist: Jaga Jazzist
Track: Oslo Skyline
Album: What We Must (2005)

Jaga Jazzist (also known as Jaga) is an experimental jazz band from Norway that rose to prominence when the BBC named their second album, A Livingroom Hush (Smalltown Supersound/Ninja Tune), the best jazz album of 2002.